A Brief History of San Beach Residency

San Beach Residency is located away from the city bustle, nestled by the lapping waves of the Bay of Bengal with sun kissed beaches near to the railway station that unfold like a silver ribbon stands a tranquil sanctuary and verdant oasis. San beach residency is an idyllic , budget friendly residency at the end of Bay of Bengal showcasing the nature at its very best.

Why ch0ose us

Luxury Amenities

We have chosen luxury facilities for our hotel from reliable reputable brands

Online Payment

Stay at home and take an online payment without the use of checks or card

Nearby Railway Station

Located within a short walking distance from the railway station.

Best location

The location in Nearby Karaikal Beach & Railway station

Special Offers

Have special offers to help clients save money and receive special benefits.

Friendly Staff

Our staff are helpful. They respond all questions of clients in a happy way.